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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Past + Upcoming Events

Thank you to all who braved the cold and came out to Powisset last Saturday for our "Renew, Revive and Refresh Through Vision Board" workshop. The class was not only inspiring, but it was fun and relaxing too! We will be hosting future Vision Board workshops with Nicole Lewis for those of you who were not able to make it but are interested in joining in on the fun.

This Saturday, Jan. 30th we are hosting 2 classes - whether you are a yogi or love to cook, we have something for you. At 8:00am Ellen O'Hara from Core Asset Fitness in Westwood will be leading an All Levels Flow on the Farm with Yoga class. Following this class at 10:00am, Claudine Nacamuli (my mom!), who was born in Egypt, and is an amazing Middle Eastern home cook, will be teaching us how to make grape leaves. week brings more classes. We have Nourishing Soups & Stocks on Tuesday (2/2) evening and An Indian Dinner on Thursday (2/4) evening Please click here to see our full program list.

Oh and...we still have pork including bacon for sale. Feel free to stop by during the week or on Saturdays when we have classes to get some!

We hope to see you at the farm!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Past + Upcoming Powisset Events

 Last week, we held our first ever "Fit on the Farm: Nutrition & Cooking" where Powisset regular and RD, Amy Boyce, dispelled some of the myths of some of the popular fad diets we hear about today. Afterward her lecture, she showed us how to make a fancy-looking yet very easy meal: Chicken Provencal, Roasted Acorn Squash with Farro with Feta, and Radicchio salad with "James Bond" dressing. Our next "Fit on the Farm" will be held on Wed, Feb. 24th. If there are any nutrition-related topics you would like to learn more about, please email me (

Events & Classes This Week:

Friday, Jan. 22nd: Cooking with Annie: Winter Greens & Grains. Annie Copps just returned from South America where she was the chef/instructor on a luxury cruise line. She is back, and with her guidance, we will be making: Kabbouleh, Stuffed Collard Greens, Wheatberries with Spinach & Leeks, and Quinoa & Kale Gratin.
Saturday, Jan. 23rd: Revive, Renew & Refresh Through Vision BoardA vision board is a board or paper with displayed images that represent whatever you want - a goal, an intention, a hope or dream...or simply a word. Nicole Lewis will be leading us in this workshop to create our own vision board, a tool to help clarify or focus towards this goal. No artistic abilities necessary.

Tuesday, Jan. 26th: Everyday Pantry. Many condiments and everyday pantry items are easy to make and much healthier when they are home made. They can also be tweaked to your own taste. Join us for this fun workshop where we will make ketchup, mayo, nut butter and more. You will leave with samples and recipes of your own everyday pantry items. 

Added Classes:

We are excited to have added 2 dates of "Time to Make the Donuts" - Saturday, Feb. 6th & Tuesday, Feb. 16th (for kids). Jeremy Werther from the Centre Street Cafe in Jamaica Plain will be showing us how to make a classic chocolate glazed donut as well as "sweet potato casserole". 

Ellen O'Hara of Core Asset Fitness will be joining us for 6 more yoga classes throughout the winter with "Flow on the Farm with Yoga". We hope that you will join us for one or all! Class dates include: Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 13, March 5, 12, 19, 26.

From the Farm

All is quiet around the farm these days.

A quick reminder that we have set up a Google Doc for folks to use if they are interested in splitting a share this summer. The link to the document is below.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January on the farm:

Howdy folks. Thus far January has been pleasantly quiet on the farm. Last winter I spent many days snowshoeing around Waltham Fields Community Farm with my shovel in hand to dig out our greenhouses and out buildings. Our mild winter is also very helpful in helping me visualize what the fields will look like come summer  (I hope I am not tempting fate by putting this in writing).  As I am plugging away planning for the 2016 season I want to let you know some things that you can expect. We will be growing the same high quality crops you have come to expect from Powisset Farm. You will also continue to get a great return value on your investment in the Powisset CSA when you purchase a CSA share.

For folks who are interested in splitting a CSA share but who do no yet have a share partner I'm excited to announce the launch of a Google Doc to help folks who want to split a share for the 2016 season connect with one another. Please follow the link below and add your name and email address to the sheet. As names are added to the sheet please contact one another to see if you will be a good share match. Once you have found a person to split a share with please remove both your names from the Google Doc and sign up for a share together.

Split share Google Doc Link:

Past + Upcoming Powisset Events

Participants watch in anticipation while their
body cream is being whipped up in a blender!
Bread bakers display their
looking (and tasting) loaves of whole
grain bread).
Here are some shots from last week's kitchen workshops, including a Make & Take: DIY Skincare Products and a Whole Grain Bread workshop. Thank you to all who participated in these fun classes and to the instructors who led them - Nicole Lewis & Tod Dimmick! We will be holding several future DIY Skincare Workshops in Feb & March for those of you who could not make it last week. 

Thank you to those who came out this weekend in the not-so-great-weather for our Ecological Walk (Winter Walk & Warmth) and our Cookbook/Kitchen Utensil Swap. Anne Innis will be hosting another walk on Saturday, Feb. 6th. On Sunday, we collected a bunch of cookbooks and kitchen utensils which, this week, will find a new home through New Life Refurnishing in Medfield and More Than Words in Waltham, 2 amazing non-profit organizations. 

We still have space in our
Fit on the Farm: Nutrition & Cooking class tomorrow (Wed) night. Join us as we dispel the myths of fad diets with Registered Dietitian and Powisset regular, Amy Boyce. After her lecture, she will show us how to make chicken provencal, roasted delicata squash with farro and feta, green salad and radicchio.

Next week, Nicole Lewis will be leading 2 Vision Board Workshops - Tuesday, Jan. 19th and Saturday, Jan. 23rd. What might you ask is a Vision Board? A vision board is a board or paper with displayed images that represent whatever you want - a goal, an intention, a hope or dream...or simply a word sing visualization, magazine clippings and coloring pages. 

And, we've continued to add more classes this week. On Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, we will be hosting Nourishing Soups & Stocks and both Feb. 6th & 16th we will be learning how to make donuts! The 16th class is geared towards kids since it is Vacation Week but big kids are welcome too! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year + Upcoming Events at Powisset Farm!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday - whether you celebrated with friends and family or lounged on the couch in your PJ's - or both! It was quiet around here over the past couple of weeks but we kicked off 2016 on Saturday with a yoga class with Ellen O'Hara from Core Asset Fitness. And as it turns out the Powisset Farm classroom is a perfect space for a yoga class, overlooking the farm. Ellen & her crew will be teaching at the farm on a regular basis in the near future so stay tuned for more info!

This week is a busy one for Powisset classes and events. Tuesday, the one and only Nicole Lewis, will be teaching another DIY Skincare Class and Wednesday, Tod Dimmick, one of our favorite members and volunteers is leading a Whole Grain Bread Workshop. His homemade bread is shown to the left and yes, you will learn how to make these beauties). Both classes only have a couple spots left so register now!

And next weekend, we have 3 events! Another one of our amazing volunteers, who has a PhD in Biology, Anne Innis, is leading, Winter Walk & Warmth on Saturday at 10am, which is an ecological walk around the farm. After the walk, I will be in the kitchen preparing something warm for us to share. Pre-registration is appreciated so we know how many bowls to fill.  

On Sunday, we have a double-header. At 1-3pm, we will be hosting a Cookbook & Kitchen Utensil Swap which is perhaps my favorite event of the year. It is your chance to clean out bookshelves and kitchen drawers...or your chance to stock up on items. There are always unique finds and both contemporary and ancient cookbooks - a food lovers dream come true. Any extra utensils will be donated to New Life Refurnishing in Medfield and books will go to More Than Words in Waltham. Both are wonderful local non-profit organizations which would benefit from these items! After the swap, at 4pm, we will be hosting Movie Night at the Farm, showing Symphony of the Soil, a documentary focusing on how healthy soil creates healthy plants which creates healthy food which creates healthy humans. The movie is free for all and we will be selling food snacks to enjoy while you watch.

To view all of our events, please visit our web site. If you have questions about events, don't hesitate to contact me at

Hope to see you this week!

Nicole N.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Holidays, Pies for Sale and Lots of 2016 Events!

It’s a Wrap!

Winter Share Basket Designed
by CSA Member, Russell Shu 
The 2015 farming season is officially over. The vegetables have been seeded, tended, weeded, harvested, and distributed. Thank you for warmly welcoming me in to the Powisset community! It is time for us to head inside and start planning for the 2016 season. The coming weeks will bring long sessions pouring over seed catalogs.  I’ll be working out the field plan, putting together the jigsaw puzzle of the many plantings of crops for next season. When we get some snow I look forward to exploring the trails around Powisset and Noanet on my cross country skis. Perhaps I’ll see you on the trails!

Powisset Pork and Bushel and Crumb pies are still available!

Please check in with the Powisset blog through the winter we will keep you updated with farm events and announcements!!!

We are having a pie sale! 

B+C Apple Cranberry
Caramel Pie
Frozen Bushel & Crumb pies (Apple Cranberry Caramel and Salted Honey Walnut) are available this week for $22.50 (a 10% discount)! Come get em this week...and pass it off to your guests as homemade! The farm stand is not officially open but we are here in the farm office thru Thursday afternoon.

We also have frozen blueberries and Welsh Cakes for sale!

Upcoming Events

Every day, we add a new class....stayed tuned for more info on Indian Cooking, Donut Baking, Jewish cooking, and much more. Here is a list of what's to come:

Jan. 10th: Movie Night
Jan. 13th: Fit on the Farm
Jan. 28th: An Indian Meal (link to come)
Every Thursday: Mindfulness

And if you a great idea for a future class that you would love to see at Powisset, I am all ears. Feel free to email me (Nicole) at

Happy Holidays from all of us at Powisset Farm!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Final Winter CSA Pick up, Farm Stand Open on Saturday, Lots of Pork & Powisset Happenings!

Hi folks,

Final Winter Share!

This week in the share you can expect: Cabbage, potatoes, rutabaga, kohlrabi, onions, garlic, shallots, kale, spinach, butter nut squash, daikon, radishes, beets, carrots, leeks, parsnips, popcorn, and arugula!

Pork & Beef!
In addition to the veggies above, we also have tons of pork in a variety of different cuts: bacon, bacon ends, smoked ham,  leaf lard, loin chops, breakfast sausage, ribs and the famous trotters. We also have a few selections of beef to round it out.

Pick up is on Saturday from 10-2pm.

This week is supposed to be another unseasonably warm week. This warm weather has allowed us to get a number of things done around the farm in preparation for the winter, which will come, at some point... The crew has been busy cleaning up the fields; taking down fences, picking up row cover, and tucking in all the irrigation equipment.

This week we will say goodbye to the remaining members of the 2015 crew. Russell, Devin, Andy, and Kyle (who left last week and is headed to Costa Rica!) have done an incredible job wrapping up the farm season. They have helped welcome me into this community and introduced me to some of the funny quirks of Powisset Farm. I’d like to give them a big thank you for their hard work and dedication. They helped to make the 2015 farm season a great success and a lot of fun.

Zannah, on behalf of the 2015 farm crew

Powisset Happenings!

Saturday, Dec. 19th will be our last cooking class of 2015 - a kids cookie decorating party with hot apple cider! Please join us for this  fun event! Come January, we won't waste anytime. On Saturday, Jan. 2nd, our awesome PEP (Powisset Education Programs) Committee  and CSA member, Lauren Leonard, will be lead us right into the New Year with a Yoga & Goal-Setting Workshop which will help us to set intentions for 2016. For those of you who know Lauren, you know that she is a nutrition counselor, yoga instructor, and running coach...and most importantly, a motivator!

And along the setting goals theme, we will continue our Mindfulness On the Farm session every Thursday at 6:30am, including this and next Thursday (Dec. 17th & 24th).

We have a boat load of events and programs planned for 2016 - whether you love to cook, enjoy the outdoors, or thrive on crafts and DIY projects, there is something for everyone. Take a look and hope to see you all either Saturday or in 2016!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Powisset Happenings

This is an off week for the winter share. This week the farm crew is busy cleaning up around the farm preparing for winter. We are relishing this mild weather. Often by this time of year the ground is frozen and we are harvesting in driving sleet. We have received many heavy frosts at this point but if the weather stays mild we should have a variety of greens available next week including the sweetest spinach I have ever eaten.

The final winter share distribution is:

December 19th from 10am to 2pm

Farm stand hours will also be December 19th 10am to 2pm

Farmer Zannah, on behalf of the Farm Crew

Past & Future Powisset Events

Saturday was busy here with CSA pick-up, some of our lovely vendors and Maria Speck, cookbook author of "Simply Ancient Grains". Maria spoke with guests about cooking with ancient grains, nutrition facts, and signed some books. While she was gabbing away, I was busy at the stove, flipping my version of her Oatmeal Butternut Pancakes with Browned Butter Nuts which also makes an appearance in the book. And I have to say, they were pretty damn good...and so easy to make! For those of you who are interested in purchasing her book, I managed to convince her to leave some signed copies behind with me. Please contact me at or stop by the farm by Dec. 19th if you do want a copy ($27.50 each). For more information about her book click here or visit

And on Sunday, 12 trays of baklava were created! My mother, Claudine Nacamuli, led us in a class on how to make this simple middle eastern dessert. And I think I managed to convince everyone that baklava IS easy to make.

Our last classes of 2016 are next week! On Tuesday, Dec. 15th. Nicole Lewis will lead us in a DIY Bath & Body Gifts for the Holidays workshop. An amazing body scrub (shown below) is just one of the items that we will be making. And, Saturday, Dec. 19th is our Cookie & Hot Apple Cider Cooking Workshop for Kids! For a list of all of our upcoming events please visit our web site!