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Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer CSA Week 6

Summer CSA Week 6

We are really into the summer harvest now.  July brings heavy cucumber harvests as well as the threat of weed and disease pressure. The plants are heavy with fruit and the air is thick. Must be mid July! Here is a quick pickle recipe to help you use up all of your cucumbers. Follow this link: for some outstanding refrigerator pickles.

We have another robust share this week.
- Lettuce
- Cucumbers
- Fresh onions
- Choice of cooking green
- Fresh garlic
- Fennel
- Beets
- Napa cabbage
- Summer Squash and Zucchini

There are many programs that occur at Powisset Farm in addition to the CSA and farm stand. This week we are highlighting the 4-H Club:

Planting the 4-H garden at Powisset Farm

July marks a time of transition for the Powisset Farm Hens & Hogs 4-H club as we say goodbye to two graduating high school seniors, both off to college in the fall. Our club co-leader, Kim Benner, is also stepping down after four years of enthusiastic and dedicated service (James will be in DC). The club welcomed a number of new members this year, bringing our total to 15. They hail from Dover, Needham, Sherborn, Southborough, Walpole, Wellesley and Westwood. While club members are heavily involved with our pigs and chickens, they participate in the larger life of the property through farm chores, hikes, cooking projects and special events. The summer months mark the time when club members who will show a pig work closely with their animal to develop skills for the show ring. You’ll likely see one or two practicing on the Powisset pig pasture in July and August.

The next 4-Hclub enrollment period is in September. For more information, contact Melissa Gilbert at or (508) 785-2818.
Your farmer,


Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer CSA week 5

Howdy Folks,

It is week five(odd week) of the summer share. The crops are really cranking on the farm right now. Transplant, weed, harvest, repeat. The weather has really been idyllic. After the many challenges of last years drought it is so satisfying to look out on the fields and witness so much abundance. The cucumbers have really hit their stride this week. You will be getting 4 pounds! Salad season is definitely upon us. We are also flush with lettuce this week as we have several plantings that have matured at the same time.

I'd like to give a shout out for broccoli raab. It's related to the mustards and spicy greens that we grow. It is fantastic sautéed with garlic (also in the share) and spread on pizza. It also pairs well with Powisset Italian sausage.

In your share this week:

Lettuce (3 heads, it's salad season!)
Summer Squash and Zucchini
Napa Cabbage
Bok Choi (
Broccoli Raab
Fresh Garlic
Choice of Cooking Green
pollinators abound at Powisset
If you have grown weary of bok choi and aren't quite sure of what to do with four pounds of cucumbers here is a recipe that will help you use both:

The flower garden is beginning to fill in and in the coming weeks we will have flowers available as part of your share. This week, flowers are available for purchase by the bloom. Clippers are available at the farm stand.

Zannah, your farmer on behalf of the crew


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer CSA Week 4

Howdy folks,

***Reminder: ***

The farm stand and CSA are closed today for July 4th. The farm stand and CSA will be open for regular hours Thursday: 10 - 6 and Saturday 10-4. As always you have the choice of which day you would prefer to pick up you share.

Half share folks:

This is an even week so if your last name starts with M-Z this is your week to pick up.

We are jumping into summer with our first harvest of cucumber and summer squash this week. We are still harvesting a lot of leafy greens this week but you will see your share start to have fewer cool weather leafy greens, like arugula, and more hot weather rock stars. The fresh onions look fantastic as do the tomatoes which are beginning to set fruit. It will be several more weeks before we are harvesting ripe tomatoes but the unripe green globes are becoming more pronounced every day.

In this weeks share:
- Broccoli
- Lettuce
- Garlic scapes
- Bok choi
- Cucumbers
- Summer squash
- Choice of cooking greens
- Scallions

Power weeding lettuce!

Know your 2017 Farm Crew!:

Tim (Field Crew):
Tim graduated from the Berklee College of Music where his focus was jazz drumming.  He loves physical activities - especially biking and skateboarding.  Tim hopes to never work for the Man.

Emily (Field Crew):
Emily just graduated from Williams College.  In the fall she will start a masters' program in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge in England.  She's an avid rock climber and ultimate frisbee player.

Paul (Field Crew):
Paul is from Needham and he's a rising junior at Wesleyan University, where he spends most of his time on the campus farm.  When he's not working at Powisset he helps out with family programming at the deCordova Museum in Lincoln.

Jeff (Field Crew):
This is Jeff's second season on the farm crew.  Jeff loves playing with puppies and he is studying mechanical engineering at the University of Vermont.  Jeff would like everyone to know that he gave up a lucrative marketing job to return this year. "Seriously," explains Jeff, "it was a great gig.  Alas, the farm called."  

Kurt (Field Crew):
Kurt grew up right around the corner in Dover.  Kurt is in college where he is studying sixteenth century Lithuanian woodcuts.  In his free time he enjoys basket weaving and basketball.

Jared (Apprentice):
Jared is a "homegrown Natick boy with big dreams."  He first farmed during a summer in Northern California and got hooked.  

Phil (Apprentice):
Phil lives in Jamaica Plain with his wife and their cat Leroy.  Leroy is an orange, stripe-y cat with whom Phil and his wife are obsessed.  Phil would like to tell you about Leroy.

Diane (Apprentice):
Diane is the proud mother of the entire farm crew, as well as one biological son.  She has an extreme love of nature, most recently hunting for waterfalls on the weekends in New Hampshire.   Diane is also more than slightly enthusiastic about Mountain Dew.
Andrew (Assistant Manager): Andrew grew up in western Mass where he assisted on his families dairy farm. Andrew has been involved in vegetable production since 2010 helping run several organic farms in Massachusetts and eastern New York.

Zannah (Manager): Zannah has been farming in eastern Massachusetts for 9 years. Though managing a farm is all consuming this time of year, Zannah does manage to sneak in a long bike ride or romp in the woods with family whenever possible.
Zannah, on behalf of the Farm Crew

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Powisset Upcoming Events & Programs

Friday marks our first Friday Farm Dinner of the season! We are psyched to have Chef Didi Emmons with us for the entire season. Castle Island Brewing will be servng/selling their beer and The Railroad House Band will be providing the entertainment. Friday Farm Dinners will be held every other Friday through September. Check them out on our web site here!

This Saturday marks Opening Day for the Powisset Cafe! The Cafe will be open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month through CSA season (ending Oct 21st) from 10-2pm. We will be serving breakfast, lunch and coffee/tea. On the menu this week you will find lemon scones, veggie frittata, farro salad with turnips and greens and cherry hand pies (which we were delighted to test out yesterday) and of course coffee & tea! These goodies will be made with as much farm fresh produce as possible! So stop in after CSA pickup or make a day out of it and come on by! 

Calling all Photographers!
You are invited to enter the 2017 Powisset Farm Photo Competition!  Register & bring in your photos by July 10th. Exhibit & Voting will take place from July 13-August 8 in the barn. A “Meet the Artist” wine and cheese reception will be held on August 13, 4:30 -6:00PM, where the winners will be announced. All photographs must be taken at Powisset Farm (anywhere on the 100 acre property). Photographers of all ages, and all skill levels are welcome. Come be part of the fun! For complete show guidelines, and to register, email or pick up a registation form at the farm!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer CSA Week 3


Howdy folks!,
Happy week 3! Just a note, we will not have CSA pickup next Tuesday. Enjoy the 4th of July!

Small Share members: Last name starting with A - L pickup this week

In this weeks share we have:
Spicy greens
Cooking greens (your choice of one bunch of kale, chard, or collard greens)
Bok Choi
Garlic Scapes

This week I want to highlight radishes. Fresh radishes have a crisp, peppery bite that I quite enjoy. I put them on salads, dip them in hummus, eat them sliced on hearty bread with butter and arugula, or pile them onto fresh fish tacos. (Pick up your local catch from Jordan's Seafood -- he's at the farm on Tuesday afternoons.)

For those who don't love the spiciness of radishes, I suggest quick pickling them. The pickling process mellows the bite but maintains the fresh crispness of the radish. Pickled radishes are fantastic on sandwiches, salads, or just out of the jar.

Once again, remember, no CSA pick up on the 4th of July. So, this week pick up a delicious ready-to-bake strawberry rhubarb pie from Bushel and Crumb in the farm stand! It will make a fantastic addition to any 4th of July picnic.

Your farmer,


Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer CSA Week 2

Week 2:

Wow what an incredible first week of distributions to kick off the summer CSA season. I really enjoy welcoming you all back onto the farm at the beginning of the summer. Looking forward to seeing the rest of our half share folks this week. This week is week two (even week) so if you have a half share and your last name starts with M-Z then this is your week to pick up your share!

This is also the first week of the fruit share. The share will be delivered on Tuesday. If you have signed up for a fruit share you can pick it up Tuesday (recommended), Thursday, or Friday.

Needing the tractor head lights
to wrap up a long day
Every Monday I take a crop walk around the farm to asses what is ready to harvest for that weeks CSA as well as what looks like it will be ready in the coming weeks. I really savor this time to slow down and check in with every inch of the farm. I also scout for pests in the fields and make a plan to deal with them. This year I am partnering with UMASS extension who is sending a graduate student to the farm every week to collect data on out pest populations and best practices in controlling them using organic methods. Our first wave of cucumbers is almost ready and we will likely be harvesting next week. The broccoli is also on the cusp of being ready.


After a bit of a slow start due to the cool spring temperatures the farm is really starting to fill out. This week brings more diversity to our harvest list.
Your share this week

In this weeks share:


Pick one cooking green (kale, collards, or chard)
Garlic Scapes

Our peas were hit hard by a pest this week called the seed corn maggot. Seed corn maggot is the pupa of a fly. They lay there eggs on the surface of the soil and burrow down into the soil. They prefer to eat large seeds like corn, peas, and beans. Our peas were affected as well as one of our plantings of beans. We still have a shot at spring peas from one of our plantings but unfortunately no peas for picking this week.

* The strawberries are just beginning to fruit but there are not yet enough to open them for picking. Please be respectful of your fellow CSA members and the Powisset Farm staff and refrain from picking the strawberries this week.


I often get asked the question "what is a garlic scape and what do I do with it?" Garlic scapes are flower stalks that garlic  plants develop this time of year. We harvest them before they go to flower because this will cause the plant to send energy into the bulb and create a bigger garlic bulb. Garlic scapes are edible and can be made into pesto, sliced into coins and sautéed with greens, chopped and sprinkled on salad, or pickled.

Your Farmer,


Sunday, June 11, 2017

CSA Week 1!!!

Apprentices Diane, Phil, and Jared have been
working hard on the farm this spring
Baby cucumber, they will be in your CSA
in just a few weeks
Week 1:

Wow, summer is here.  As I sit down to write the first of twenty summer CSA blog posts it is a scorching 93 degrees. What a difference a few days (and 365 days) makes. Overall this has been a cool wet spring but my memories of spring quickly fade on days like today. I am incredibly grateful to see the pond next to the barn at peak capacity. With all this rain, the water table has been recharged after last year's extreme drought. We have been working hard all spring preparing the farm for your arrival, and here we are: week one of the summer vegetable CSA. For folks who have purchased a half share, this is week 1 (an ODD week). This means, if your last name starts with A - L this is your week! Folks who have a half share and who's last name starts with the letters M - Z, we look forward to seeing you next week.

If you didn't make it to CSA orientation you will notice a few
These two melt my heart
changes in the distribution barn when you arrive to pick up your share. As always please check in at the counter and lets us know you are picking up your share. Items in the share will be listed on the chalk board by the entrance as well as on the chalkboards above the display tables. Also we don't provide bags so please bring your own reusable bags.

Farm softball!

What's in the week 1 share:

Head lettuce, arugula, green garlic, choice of cooking greens (chard, kale, or collards), spinach, and pop corn.

Pick Your Own:

Choice of herbs: Thyme, oregano, and sage
A favorite Powisset past time

You may be scratching your head wondering what to do with green garlic... Green garlic is garlic that has not yet fully matured. It is tender and more mild than cured garlic. You can slice or mince the white end as well as some of the green stem. Use it as you would a clove of garlic or toss it fresh on salad. For a more in depth explanation as well as a green garlic pesto recipe follow this link:
I like to toss some greens like arugula, kale, or spinach into my green garlic pesto and toss with steamed pasta, or spread on some good bread.

Your farmer,