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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Upcoming + Past Powisset Events

It's Monday morning and we're back to the grind. We hope that you guys had the opportunity to do lots of family fun things during school vacation week. It was a great opportunity for us to host some kids programs which we thoroughly enjoyed. We had a great time learning how to make a chocolate glazed version and a Powisset sweet potato filled one.

The following evening, it was Pizza & Board Games where, together, we constructed 3 cheese & veggie pizzas before Jenga, Zingo and Junior Scrabble competitions began. We will surely be repeating this program during April vacation week so keep your eyes open!

What's happening at Powisset this week? Lots! Take your pick from the choices below:
Saturday: Time to Make the Donuts in the morning & Cooking with Root Veggies in the afternoon
Sunday: Movie Night: Fed Up please make sure to pre-register if you plan on joining us for this event

Have a great week and we hope to see you at the farm!

What's happening on the farm?!
It has been an exciting week on the farm. We welcomed Andrew Kelly as the new Assistant CSA Manager (more about Andrew in next weeks blog) and we launched the pop-up farm stand last week and it has been a great success. The stand is set up under the barn in the hallway between the outside doors and the root cellar. Please stop by Wednesday - Sunday 9 to 5 and pick up your favorite Powisset storage vegetables as well as maple syrup, pies, welsh cake mix, and our own pork. The stand is self serve and we are able to accept cash and checks.

 This week in the stand you will find:
Carrots, cabbage, onions, shallots, storage radishes, rutabaga, parsnips, potatoes, beets, celeriac, popcorn, and butternut squash.

Spring is right around the corner. We will start seeding in the greenhouse in just a few short weeks! CSA sign-ups are in full swing. If you have not yet renewed your share for 2016 please do so soon. Sign-ups are being opened up to the waitlist so in-order to guarantee your spot renew today!

We look forward to seeing you all around the farm soon.

Zannah, on behalf of the farm staff.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Powisset pop up
farm stand is open!
The pop up farm stand is located below the barn. The stand is set up in the hallway outside our root cellar. It is self serve. There are directions and a list of available items posted in the pop up farm stand. The hours of the stand are Tuesday - Sunday 9 - 5.

Enter through these doors 

What you will find inside:

The fridge:
Beets $4 for a 2# bag
Cabbage $3 for a 2# bag
Carrots $4 for a 2 # bag
Onions $4 for a 3# bag
Parsnips $4 for a 2# bag
Potatoes $5 for a 4# bag
Radish $4 for a 2# bag
Shallots $6 for a 1# bag
Turnips $3 for a 2# bag
The freezer:
Bacon $12 for a 1# package
Pork chops $10 for a 1# package
Country ribs $9 for a 1# package
Apple cranberry pie $20
Salted honey walnut pie $20
On the display table:
Popcorn $1 ear
Butternut squash $3 per piece
Maple syrup $22/quart
Maple syrup $12/pint
Welsh cake mix $7.50 a box
There are directions as well as prices posted in the pop up farm stand. The stand will be stocked every few days depending on demand.
Thank you for your support!
Farmer Z, on behalf of the farm crew

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Past + Upcoming Events at Powisset things have changed over the past week! We went from spring in January to 2 snow storms within days. Powisset now looks like a very different place. Despite all of this, we have had some fun events over the past week and have several coming up, including some activities to keep you and the kiddos busy during school vacation week. We enjoyed the beauty of the snow and the farm during our "Winter Walk & Warmth", thanks to Anne Innis (see below) and will be holding another one on Saturday, March 5th.

And Tuesday was "Sylvia's Art Bar" (a mixed media version of Paint Nite) where 8 of us created these works of art. I know that many of us didn't think we had a creative bone in our body, but look how cool and different each one turned out. We hope to have Sylvia Quiroga back here in the summer for another workshop.
And looking forward...Get your Saturday started with Flow on the Farm with Yoga at 10am and for those who have not quite realized that you need to make a plan for Valentines Day, what could be more romantic than looking at the stars on a frigid night? Join us on Saturday at 6pm for Astronomy Night. Please make sure to check our Facebook page for updates with regards to the weather and cloud cover.  

Some of you had signed up for our Time to Make the Donuts class on Saturday which was disrupted due to a power outage here at Powisset, so on Tuesday, Feb. 16th at 10am, we are trying again. This class is geared towards kids, but big kids can come too! And on Saturday, Feb. 27th, we are holding another one geared towards big kids, but little kids can come too! And lastly, Wednesday, Feb. 17th, get ready to make pizza in the Powisset kitchen followed by some good ole fashioned board games at Slice & Dice: Pizza & Board Games...we will have some board games here, but feel free to bring your own.

News from the Farm:

Pop-up farm stand at Powisset!

We are launching a self serve pop-up farm stand starting next Wednesday, February 17th. The pop-up farm stand will be run out of the root cellar under the barn.

Available produce will include:
- butternut squash
- carrots
- beets
- onions
- shallots
- potatoes
- celeriac
- storage radishes

The stand will be set up as self -serve. Both cash and checks will be accepted though I'd encourage folks to bring a check as change may not be available. All produce will be pre-bagged and priced by the bag. More in depth instructions will be posted in the pop-up farm stand. The stand will be open Wednesday - Sunday 9am to 5pm, until we run out of veggies.

There will also be pies and pork products available for sale in the freezer. In addition there will be maple syrup for sale in the stand.

I will post a price list in next weeks blog for all items that will be available in the stand while you shop.

CSA sign-ups have been opened to the waitlist. If you are a returning member and wish to signup but have not yet done so please feel free to e-mail me at and I will send you the sign-up link. If you are looking for a share partner to split your share I have created a Google doc to help match folks up. The link is: