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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fence Day and Farmers in Need of Housing!

Today was a day of transformation at Powisset Farm!  This morning when I drove down the farm road, coffee in my right hand, spilling onto my wrist as I bounced over the bumpy terrain, I looked over the open fields--free of fence!  By 5 o'clock tonight, the landscape had become wrapped in white tape and i could here the clicking of the electric pulses running the 11-acre perimeter!  The fence went up! And now: we plant.

Today ended day three of our 2013 farm season with our new crew of apprentices! And it was fence day.  I love fence day.  I enjoy a day when such a large physical transition occurs.  I love the feeling of coming together with a new crew to take on our first sizable task as a team.  The act of explaining a task reminds me that I love sharing this work.  We talk through why we have a fence, describe the ritual of fence care and that the fence going up means that we can begin to put our beautiful seedlings in their rows with (hopefully) a feeling of confidence that they will be safe and thrive!

With the fence up, a new crew full of energy and some rain to get the peas off to a good start, I think we are ready for this stunning 2013 season to begin!

See you in the fields!

meryl & the Powisset Farm crew
the butler barn in the fog
The new crew! Jason, Tessa, Jon and Kasey (left to right)

Help us find Housing for a Powisset Farmer!

As our farm grows we are attracting amazing apprentices from as far away as....California!  Kasey has joined us this season from the mountains of Santa Cruz and is looking for a place near the farm to live for the farm season!  We have exceeded our housing capacity here at the farm and are wondering if you can help!  Do you have an in-law apartment/rental space/yurt/room in your home?  Do you know anyone in our area who does?  Please let us know! 

Get in touch with me at : and I'll connect you with Kasey!  Thanks for your support!

me (meryl) and Powisset Farm's first apple tree!

The other new additions to Powisset Farm!  (yes, those are two-day-old piggies--their backsides, at least)

CSA Sign ups!

There are still shares available, but they are going fast!  Please sign up today!  If you have not received your registration form or have misplaced it--please get in touch with meryl!