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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 CSA Sign ups!

the future of our onion seeds....
Reasons we know it's March at Powisset Farm:

1.  Today we cleaned out the greenhouse and started seeding onions.  
2.  The snow is melting and we can see the cover cops and the kale from last fall, peaking out though the spotted white fields.
3. Every day more and more packets of seeds are being delivered to the farm office.
4. We finished hiring our apprentice crew for the season.
5. We are about to begin CSA share sign ups!

Welcome to our 2013 farm season!  Next week we will be sending out our winter newsletter and registration forms for this season's CSA program.  We are excited to be offering you a chance to sign up for the summer share as well as the winter share.  The price of our summer CSA share will remain the same, but our winter CSA share will be increasing in both price and frequency.  We will be doing a five pick-up winter share that will start in November and extend through February.  The cost of this share will be $300.  After a fun and successful extended winter share this year, we are committed, more than ever, about growing the length of our farm season!

Our excitement for this upcoming season grows with every onion seed we plant, every tray we water, and with every field that finds its way out from under the snow!

Please let us know if you have any questions about the season by contacting me at:  And check the mail next week for your registration!

Happy March!

Meryl and Tessa (on behalf of our new 2013 Powisset Farm Crew)