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Friday, November 17, 2017

Powisset Happenings!

On Wednesday, we hosted 30 volunteers from The Trustees' Charles River Valley here at Powisset Farm These volunteers do everything from teach cooking classes to clear trails to harvest squash, and so much more. We thank all of these individuals as we could not do our jobs without their time and energy. If you are interested in volunteering for at Powisset or at one of the other Trustees properties, visit our web site to see what's available.

Join us for the many events and programs happening here in December! We have a little something for everyone.
Dec. 13th: Latkes & Lanterns

And during School Vacation Week, we will be hosting 2 programs to keep your kiddos out of trouble!

Did you know that we rent out our space for private parties and events? Check out our web site for pricing and options.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Winter Share 2

Amazing breads from Bibi Café and Bakery
will be available again this Saturday
Hi Folks,

There is a lot of information in this weeks blog. Please take the time to read it all the way through. It will be a few minutes well spent.

This is the second installment of the winter CSA blog.
CSA pickup is this Friday, November 17th from 2-6 and Saturday, November 18th from 10-2. You can come either day to pick up your share.
We have a few winter shares still available for purchase at the prorated rate of $100. Please email me at if you would like to sign up.

Covering up the broccoli with floating row cover
to protect it from the hard freeze

This past weekend we experienced some extreme cold temperatures which had an effect on the leafy green crops still in the fields. We worked hard last week to harvest crops the last of our storage crops and we covered our leafy greens with row cover to try to insulate it from the extreme cold. Sadly the spicy greens, cauliflower, chard, celery, and lettuce were all wiped out by the freezing temperatures. Fortunately our hardier crops like spinach and broccoli made it through and will be included in this weeks share.

2018 Summer CSA sign ups are live! If you sign up this week we will mail you a $10 gift certificate to the farm stand as a thank you.
Click on this link to sign up:
There are a few changes to the 2018 pick up schedule including later pick up hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In the farm stand:

We have several special guests joining us for the winter share. Jordan Brothers Seafood is present every Wednesday through the winter as well as on Friday's of the winter share. Their fish is second to none in it quality.

On Saturday we will also have outstanding freshly baked breads and treats from BiBi Café and Bakery. Last week I bought a jar of their carrot jam. It was a big hit at my house.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Bushel + Crumb has you covered with a whole selection of pies from classics like Pumpkin to creative interpretations like Salted Honey Walnut. Take the stress out of Thankgiving, free up your oven, and let Bushel + Crumb do the baking!
Pie Varieties

• Classic Pumpkin
• Salted Honey Walnut
• Wild Maine Blueberry Maple (available fresh and frozen, unbaked)
• Caramel Apple Cranberry (available fresh and frozen, unbaked)
• Savory Winter Squash, Caramelized Onion, and Goat Cheese

Check out our website ( to see the full description of pie varieties and place your order by Friday November 17th.
Pies will be available for pickup at Powisset Farm on Saturday November 18th and Tuesday, November 21st.

Contact Simca at with any questions about Thanksgiving pies.

Winter carrots are the sweetest carrots
In the share this week.
This weeks share is quite substantial with lots of diversity:

Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash
Daikon and watermelon radishes
Shoshito Peppers
Purple Top Turnips

Tally Ho! - A Stirrup Cup with the Norfolk Hunt Club

Enjoy the pageantry of the centuries-old tradition of the sport of fox-hunting, by watching the Norfolk Hunt as it rides through Powisset Farm and Noanet Woodlands. The Norfolk Hunt Club, founded in 1895, is one of the oldest drag foxhunting clubs in the U.S. Powisset and Noanet were originally owned by Amelia Peabody, an early member of the Norfolk Hunt. the foxhounds follow a drag scent (no live foxes participate) through woods and fields, followed by beautiful horses with riders dressed in traditional foxhunting attire. Horses and riders will stop at Powisset to greet spectators, enjoy a stirrup cup and then proceed to Noanet Woodlands. A perfect event for families. Follow the hunt in Noanet or spend the rest of the day on the farm!
Spectators should plan to be in the Powisset field at 1:00 p.m. to watch the horses arrive.  Noanet Woodlands will be closed from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. during this event.

Your farmer,







Wednesday, November 1, 2017

CSA Winter Share 1

Hi folks,

Caterpillar munching on celery
We are shifting gears this week at Powisset. The hectic pace we have been sustaining since early June is slowing. Our days are now filled by some harvesting but mostly bigger single focus projects like cleaning out the hay loft where we cured onions and planting garlic for next year. Yesterday we spent the afternoon re-pinning the floating row cover that was blown around by Sunday nights storm. We carefully watch the weather this time of year (all times of year actually) and make sure we have the tender green crops covered with row cover and protected from frost. We have yet to have the temperatures dip below the mid 30's at Powisset this fall which means many crops are still out in the fields and growing. We are beginning to put the farm to rest for the winter. I surveyed the farm yesterday and was struck by how quickly this process occurs this time of year. Just a few weeks ago practically every field still had crops actively growing now over half the farm is seeded to cover crops, holding the soil in place for the winter and adding vital nutrients to the earth for next years crops to harness.

Beneficial insects are a sign of diversity and health in our fields 
We have shifted to our early winter farm stand hours which are listed below. The farm stand is still well stocked with items like Powisset's own tomato puree, amazing local honey and jams, local hot sauce, and salad dressings. We will also have bulk potatoes for sale this week in the stand. Keep an eye out for other bulk crops for sale in the farm stand in the coming weeks.

We have some special guests joining us for the winter share as well. We will have freshly baked breads from Bibi's for sale on Saturday's. Jordan Bros. Seafood will be at the farm on Wednesdays through the winter as well as on the Fridays that the farm stand is open.

The farm stand is open during these days and times:
Friday: 11/3 2-6
Saturday: 11/4 10-2

Rye and vetch cover crop sprouting in on of our fields
Friday: 11/17 2-6
Saturday: 11/18 10-2

Friday: 12/8 2-6
Saturday 12/9 10-2

This week marks the start of our winter share. You have the choice of picking up on either Friday 2-6 or Saturday 10-2.

In this weeks share:
Sweet potatoes
Diane, Phil, and Jared taking care of business
Spicy greens
Hot peppers
Butternut squash


Your farmer,