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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Powisset pop up
farm stand is open!
The pop up farm stand is located below the barn. The stand is set up in the hallway outside our root cellar. It is self serve. There are directions and a list of available items posted in the pop up farm stand. The hours of the stand are Tuesday - Sunday 9 - 5.

Enter through these doors 

What you will find inside:

The fridge:
Beets $4 for a 2# bag
Cabbage $3 for a 2# bag
Carrots $4 for a 2 # bag
Onions $4 for a 3# bag
Parsnips $4 for a 2# bag
Potatoes $5 for a 4# bag
Radish $4 for a 2# bag
Shallots $6 for a 1# bag
Turnips $3 for a 2# bag
The freezer:
Bacon $12 for a 1# package
Pork chops $10 for a 1# package
Country ribs $9 for a 1# package
Apple cranberry pie $20
Salted honey walnut pie $20
On the display table:
Popcorn $1 ear
Butternut squash $3 per piece
Maple syrup $22/quart
Maple syrup $12/pint
Welsh cake mix $7.50 a box
There are directions as well as prices posted in the pop up farm stand. The stand will be stocked every few days depending on demand.
Thank you for your support!
Farmer Z, on behalf of the farm crew

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