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Monday, September 24, 2012

Four More Weeks and a Farm Festival!

Last week we harvested the winter squash.  Thousands of acorn, delicata, butternut and kabocha squash are now covering the greenhouse tables and flowing out of bulk bins.  They are curing, their stems drying, their skin setting around the tender orange flesh, becoming sweet for our fall and winter soups and roasted vegetable dishes.  

acorn squash in the greenhouse
We are cleaning and weighing and boxing onions and figuring out what we can distribute.  We begin to harvest sweet potatoes and reveal whether or not our yields will be high or low.  We pull carrots from the ground and store them dirty in the cooler.  We watch beets size up and decide whether or not the greens look good enough to harvest and distribute.  We shift from a place of distributing all that we have, knowing that more will continue to grow, to a more thoughtful, carefully counted distribution, making sure that we will have enough of everything to make it through our fall distributions.

butternut, curing in the field

This time of year I make more lists than ever, spending time counting and recounting the number of onions, garlic, turnips, squash, row feet of winter greens and heads of lettuce that we have and when we they will appear on the tables at the barn for you to enjoy.  The leaves are turning, the squash is curing, and the fall carrots become sweeter with every cold night that they live in cold soil.  Welcome to fall at Powisset Farm.

See you in the fields, (and hopefully at the fall festival),

Meryl (on behalf of the Powisset Farm Crew)

Fall Festival!

When: This Sunday, September 30, at
 Powisset Farm--10am-3pm

What: live music from the Homestead Family Band, warm food to eat, cider to press, potatoes to pick, farm tours, a few local vendors, our own produce for sale, fun to be had!

Who: you and your friends and family, enjoying the day with the farm crew and all the people who make this farm special

Why: to enjoy the wonderful season of fall and to celebrate another great year at Powisset Farm!

This event is free and open to all! Let's celebrate Fall!!

What's in the Share this week:

Up in the barn: arugula, basil, radishes, scallions, choice of: kale, collards, chard, peppers, lettuce, potatoes and more!

In the field: chard, hot peppers, husk cherries

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