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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CSA Starts Next Week! ...and...What's a Pie Share?

A week from today our first CSA distribution and farm stand of 2013 will be over!  A week from today, I will be relaxing in my home thinking about all the crops we harvested and who came to pick up their share and how the lettuce was glowing and what kind of kale you all decided to take home with you.  A week from today there will be no more wondering about what we will distribute on our first day or what it will look like or how fun it will be.  A week from today we will cut and bunch and wash and share and begin another season of our CSA at Powisset Farm.  A week from today....wait...that's only a week away!

 Powisset fields are buzzing with the sounds of growing vegetables!
There's a lot to do before we open those barn doors for the new and wonderful season.  There are tomatoes to plant and carrots to weed and potatoes to hill.  There are new summer crew members to train and volunteers to lead visitors to greet! There are barns to clean and bins to stack and trucks to fill with fuel to get ready for shuttling veggies from field to barn. 

The lettuce and spinach are growing and the kale is tender and ready to be bunched!  I hope you will be there next week when we welcome you to a new season at Powisset Farm!

CSA starts: Week of June 4th! 
Come Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday of that week for your first week of veggies!  

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Open 1:30-6:30 Saturdays: Open 10am-5pm

New Member Orientation: Thursday, May 30th. Starts at 5:30pm

See you in the fields!

Meryl & the Powisset Farm Crew

Community Supported Pie

Bushel + Crumb, a new community supported pie business, is excited to offer Powisset CSA members a monthly subscription of savory and sweet pies that feature the highest quality, locally grown fruits, vegetables, dairy, and grains. Our pies are an opportunity to deepen your commitment to local food in a delicious and convenient way.
A share provides 1 pie every other week for 18 weeks during Powisset's summer share season and will alternate between sweet and savory pies (9 pies total). Shares come in two sizes to fit your needs: Large pies (9”) are perfect for families, with 6-8 slices each, while small pies (6”) are just right for singles or smaller families, with 2-3 generous slices. Large shares are $190 for the season, small shares are $110. Pies will be delivered to the farm for pick up with your CSA share.
We are looking forward to participating in Powisset's Spring Farm Fest on May 18th where we will be offering free pie tastings.  Come meet the bakers, sample our seasonal pies and sign up for a summer pie share!

More information about the pie share and sign-up instructions are available on our website:


  1. Did you say "pie"? I love, love, love pie! All kinds - sweet, tart, savory - tho' I'll skip the Banana & Coconut Cream varieties.

    When I was little I always asked for pie on my birthday. No sickeningly sweet cakes for me! Peach, blackberry, raspberry or blueberry - no small challenge for my mom in late November.