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Monday, July 18, 2016

Powisset Farm CSA Week 7: Pesto Week!

Preying Manits
As I write this post I can hear the rumble of thunder. A mighty summer storm could bring some much needed rain to our fields. Unfortunately the storm has passed and we got very little rain. Tomorrows temperatures are supposed to dip from the mid nineties to a much more comfortable 80 degrees. It's been brutally hot and the edges of the farm are looking scorched. We have been moving our overhead irrigation system from field to field watering 6 beds at a time. July is often a challenging time on the farm. The harvests are getting longer as we pick squash and cucumbers. But we still have lots of field prep and planting to do for our fall crops. We are pulled in many directions, there never seems to be enough time, and it is beastly hot. Sigh.

Keeping it cool in the carrots
While I mull over the challenges we are having this season on the farm I am also aware of all the things that I am grateful for at Powisset this year. I try to make a gratitude list every day.

My list today includes:

- The crew, they are incredible. These folks have shown up every day in blistering heat to harvest, weed, transplant, and move irrigation.

- Our irrigation (it's limited but way better than having none).

- The Powisset CSA members. This is such an incredibly kind, funny, and spirited community. Thank you all for your support.

Moving irrigation
- The rest of the Powisset staff. You may not know but their are many people who work at Powisset Farm but don't work in the fields. These folks take care of our trails, pay the bills, answer phones,  and plan and execute programs across the Charles River Region. We couldn't do what we do without them.

- Brian Huckins, who fixed our broken cultivating tractor, as well as the greater farm community of Eastern Massachusetts.

- The leopard frog that greeted me in the wash station this morning.

- Beneficial insects!
Zannah, on behalf of the farm crew

What's in the share this week:
Summer squash


- Powisset sausage!
- Ground beef from Appelton Farm
- Hand woven fiber arts by Cathy Zola

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