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Monday, October 3, 2016

Powisset CSA:Week 18

Cool fall harvest
Fall has arrived at Powisset Farm! The leaves are turning, we have experienced our first frost, we have to wear multiple layers to be comfortable out in the fields, and it rained. It has been a pretty eventful week. The recent rain is great but it is too late to make much of an impact on most this seasons crops. It is helping the cover crop germinate as well as helping the fall greens reach maturity at a respectable size. We have started covering fall crops with row cover not only to protect them from frost but promote growth as the days get cooler and the day light wanes. You will see more white row cover across the fields in the coming weeks. A sure sign of fall.

Monarch emerging from it's cocoon
As I did my weekly field walk today I observed more signs of fall. The cover crop of oats and peas I seeded two weeks ago have germinated and are coming in thick. A flock of Canada Geese is taking advantage of the fresh sprouts before they continue their journey south. We do our best to chase them from the fields. If you see a farmer hooting and waving their arms as they sprint across the fields it is not because we have finally been broken by the drought. It is in the effort to protect our precious and tender cover crop sprouts.

This time of year our work does not really slow down. It is shifting to other tasks like bulk harvesting roots and tubers. We utilize volunteer groups to help with big projects. Last week we had a corporate volunteer group of 50 folks. They helped us break up seed garlic for planting in a few weeks as well as did a ton of pulling up of stakes, drip tape, and plastic mulch. Volunteer groups like this one can have a big impact on the farm. For more information on corporate or individual volunteer opportunities contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Eileen Small, at for more information.

Winter Share:
Ask us about the winter share! The winter share is a great way to stay connected with Powisset Farm and eat delicious seasonal food into the winter.  There is information in the farm stand and we are happy to answer any questions that you have about this winters share.

In the farm stand:
Please take a minute to explore the items we have to offer in our farm stand. In addition to produce we also have pies, ice cream, maple syrup, dairy from Appleton Farm, eggs, Powisset pork products, crafts from local artists, and so much more

In the share this week:
- Kale
- Potatoes
- Lettuce
- Storage radish (most likely daikon)
- Choice of pepper, eggplant, or summer squash
- Winter squash
- Garlic
- cooking green

Hot peppers

Zannah, on behalf of the farm crew

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