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Thursday, May 18, 2017

New's from the fields

The farm is so lush this year

Plowing in preparation for cucumbers
Wow, spring is in full swing here on the farm! We have several killdeer nesting in the fields, swarms of insects buzzing around (both pests and beneficial insects). The farm has really come alive in the past few weeks. We have had a really nice balance if rain and sunshine this spring. The farm is incredibly lush. We seeded a lot of rye and vetch cover crop last fall that did not germinate very well due to the drought but this spring it has come in incredibly lush and vibrant. Good cover crop reflects a healthy soil biome. And healthy soil means healthy, robust crops!

On dry days we have been hustling to get the fields prepared for transplanting and seeding. Wet days are ideal for transplanting spring crops(strawberries, lettuce, onions, scallions, beets, broccoli, kale, spinach, and Swiss chard). Over the next few weeks we'll be transplanting the first of our hot weather crops like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

The piglets are outside and
ready for you to visit!
This week we welcomed our summer field crew. Jeff, Tim, Kurt, Paul, and Emily (who will join us in June) are critical members of the farm team. The field crew spends their days transplanting, weeding, harvesting, and moving irrigation equipment. They work behind the scene on the farm but we all get to enjoy their handy work. Please welcome them if you see them around the farm.

Springfest is right around the corner. The farm stand will be open and we will have spring produce for sale. We will also have your favorite farm stand products as well as lots of new offerings. Their are tons of activities planned including the annual trail run, farm tours, kids activities, vendors, Powisset Cafe, and much more.
Add a fruit share to your summer vegetable CSA!
We are thrilled to offer a FRUIT SHARE as an add-on to your 2017 CSA at Powisset Farm - if you’re interested, please read on below and follow the link to sign up. 

- Local, seasonal, delicious fruit! 10 weeks for $100. 

- For 10 weeks we’ll have fruit from Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, Mass., ready for pickup alongside your veggie CSA on TUESDAY of each week.  

- The share includes 1-2 items per week (for example: 1 quart of strawberries; or 2-3 pounds of apples; or 1 pint each of blueberries & raspberries). 

- Berries generally come in smaller quantities as they are higher-value and more labor-intensive to harvest (pints or quarts);  peaches, plums, pears and apples come in 2-3 pound bags. 

- Generally, here’s what you can expect (but just like the veggie CSA, things may change with the weather and show up earlier or later!): 
early-mid June: strawberries, cherries

early-mid July: blackberries, raspberries, blueberries

early August: peaches, nectarines 

late August/early September: pears, apples 

About the orchard: 
Cider Hill is a family farm, owned and operated by Glenn & Karen Cook (read more about them & their farm here). Cider Hill is a leader in renewable energy sources on farm. Their fruit is not organic; they use IPM (integrated pest management) to track pests & diseases and spray only when necessary. The quality and flavor is excellent! 
If you want to sign up, click here and bring a check with you to the first CSA pickup (week of June 12). 
Please note that fruit will arrive at the farm each Tuesday of the fruit share; we will keep fruit in our walk-in cooler but recommend you pick up on Tuesday as it’s best enjoyed when very fresh! 

2017 Summer Beef CSA:
We are also excited to announce that The Trustees are launching our first ever Summer Beef CSA!  

As a quick overview:
The Summer Beef CSA includes 2 lbs. of beef per week distributed over the course of 20 weekly pick-ups.  This will total 40 pounds of meat over the course of the season.

The meat CSA begins in June 2017 and ends in October 2017. Pickups will be held every week, for a total of 20 pick-ups.

Pick-ups are offered at the following locations and times:
  • Powisset Farm, Tuesday 2-6PM, Thursdays 10AM-6PM, Saturdays 10AM-4PM

Meat CSA members can choose the time that is most convenient.

The cost of the Summer Beef CSA is $22 per pick-up, or $440 for the season. On average, these prices represent a cost of $11/lb., which includes all cuts.  This is the same price as the Winter CSA

For more information and to sign up, visit:

Your farmer,


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