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Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer CSA Week 7

Week 7

This week we are hustling to bring in the garlic harvest. The cooler weather will make this epic task a bit easier than what I have experienced in years past. I feel as though the garlic harvest always takes place during the hottest week of the summer, not this year!After we pull the garlic from the ground it is bundled and hung in the eaves of the hay loft in the main barn.. There it will hang for several weeks so that the heads can cure and we end up the storage garlic that you are probably most familiar with. Once the garlic has fully cured we will cut it down and grade it. The largest bulbs we will save as seed garlic to plant in the fall for next years crop. The rest of the garlic will be distributed in your shares throughout the rest of the summer and fall, as well as part of the winter share.
This week we are taking a break from lettuce in the share. We have loads of other delicious summer crops coming in like eggplant and basil. Lettuce really shines in cooler weather and although
The greenhouse is full of fall crops including these beets
 it is 58 out as I write this, the 90+ degree temperatures we had last week did not do our lettuce any favors.
This week we are also hustling to get our a lot of our fall crops direct seeded and transplanted. Once the tomato crop comes in (it's looking really good out there!) our afternoons will be taken up brining in the harvest leaving little time to seed and transplant fall beets, leeks, broccoli, chicories, and roots. This is a big week and I am thankful for the cooler weather.

Small share: Odd week, folks A-L this is your week!

Direct seeding fall greens and roots

In the share this week:
Summer squash and zucchini
Fresh onions
Choice of cooking greens


Your Farmer,


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