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Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Powisset Farm CSA begins!

2012 Powisset Farm CSA begins!

I had to double check the calendar today when I saw that it was June 4.  June 4!  The sixth season of our Community Supported program at Powisset Farm has arrived!  I wandered through our beautiful barn this morning, twinkling lights glowing around the large pillars that have supported five seasons of sharing vegetables and community and laughter and carrots! The barn that, by this time tomorrow, will be filled with a new season of nourishment, recipe sharing and tables overflowing with bright, crisp Powisset Farm vegetables!

This season at Powisset Farm we are growing over eleven acres of vegetables—over seventy different crops, and hundreds of different varieties, some old standbys and some new and trial varieties.  Our crop plan this year reflects our CSA member favorites—sweet ‘bolero’ carrots, ‘lacinato’ kale, ‘black cherry’ tomatoes, ‘jimmy nardello’ sweet peppers, ‘fairy tale’ eggplant and so many more.  Our ‘tropicana’ lettuce, our favorite spring lettuce, is glowing from the back fields waiting to be picked this week!

We will continue to offer you more choice up at the distribution barn, as you will be able to take home the items that you most want each week.  This month, there will be a few less items to choose from, but over the course of the season, your choices will expand, allowing you to choose approximately 9-11 items each week, even duplicate items if you desire.  As always, our farm crew and volunteers will be up at the barn to help you navigate the pick-up or brainstorm new ways to cook with our fresh vegetables.

This week, for the first time in our farm’s history, due to our unseasonably warm winter, we will be distributing garlic scapes.  When I was harvesting scapes for my scrambled egg breakfast yesterday, I reflected on the connection between the mighty garlic crop, and our own farm community.  Garlic is a vegetable that varies greatly from season to season—its flavor and growth is particularly sensitive to rainfall, temperature, sunlight, soil type, compost and I might even say to the energy of the people working the land each year.  It maybe even responds to what songs we are singing as we weed it!

Over the last five seasons we have planted garlic, saved seed and replanted Powisset Farm garlic—making our own Powisset variety, carrying with it the characteristics of all previous seasons.  We will each taste the Powisset Farm garlic this season.  It will taste different to each of us—some will think it’s spicy, some will think it mild.  But we will all share in the experience of this crop, adding it to our meals, sharing it with friends and families.  Like the garlic crop, we all change and grow a little by sharing in this farm experience together each year.  Thank you for being a part of helping shape this wonderful farm, the fields and the way our community eats and celebrates land and food.

Welcome to the Powisset Farm CSA 2012!

See you in the fields,

Meryl (on behalf of the Powisset Farm Crew)

The 2012 Powisset Farm Crew!

What's in the Share this week:
At the barn: lettuce, arugula, bok choi, hakurei turnips, spinach, garlic scapes, kale, potatoes, carrots
Pick-your-own: strawberries
Farm Stand Opens This Tuesday, June 5
Our farm stand is now in its third year!  This Tuesday at the stand you will find Powisset Farm produce, local honey, jam, granola, popcorn, dried beans, and more!  Soon we will have eggs, meat and pork for sale, as well as seasonal fruit from other local farms!  Spread the word about our farm stand!  It is open to the public every Tuesday from 1:30-6:30pm.  See you there!

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