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Monday, August 15, 2016

CSA Week 11

Powisset Farm CSA Week 11

We've made it to week 11! I am growing weary of writing about the drought and I am guessing that you all are probably weary of hearing about it. I will say the little bit of rain we have received has been helpful. Last week the well ran dry but after laying off it for a few days it has regained pressure so we are again able to irrigate. You will probably see fewer squash and cucumbers in your share this week from us being unable to irrigate though. The drought is still effecting our ability to grow and sustain crops and we continue to do the best we can under these challenging conditions.

Carnival winter squash
Here are a few pictures from our week last week:

Cultivating winter root crops
Flame weeding fall carrots

Workshop at Tangerini's Spring Street Farm


Annie, Zane, Rachael, and Andrew heading to the field

Buttermilk pancakes with Wild Maine Blueberries from the stand


What's new in the farm stand this week:
-Organic Wild Maine Blueberries
-Appalachian Naturals Apple Wood Smoked Barbecue Sauce
-Appalachian Naturals Berkshire Maple Mustard
-Appleton Farm White Park ground beef (this is the good stuff)
-New ice cream flavors from Crescent Ridge
In the Share this week:
- Cucumbers
-Summer squash
- Zucchini
- Peppers
- Eggplant
- Cherry tomatoes
- Sunflowers

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