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Monday, August 1, 2016

Powisset Farm CSA: Week 9

Powisset Farm CSA: Week 9

It rained!!! The skies opened over Dover this weekend and we did get some rain. Hurrah!!! We are still significantly under for rainfall this summer but I am soaking up (literally) this much needed event. The plants have perked up a bit with the rain and the cooler temperatures have perked up the crew as well. I have peeked at the ten day forecast and there doesn't appear to be more moisture heading our way so we will continue to focus our efforts on our irrigation rotations.

Last week was full of activity on the farm. We moved the pigs from the piggery to the paddock across the farm road. The pigs can now be found happily wallowing amongst the amaranth weeds or tussling with one another to establish rank. Several flocks of birds showed up on the farm last week. There are about eight crows that have taken up residence on the eastern side of the main field. They sit on the tomato stakes and steal ripening tomatoes. A small flock of geese has also been doing the rounds in the lettuce. More pests to attempt to out smart.

The nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants) are on the cusp of being ready. We are so close.

In more somber news some folks are aware that there was an accident involving a car and a bicycle at the entrance to the farm last Thursday. The cyclist is a member of our field crew. He suffered a concussion as well as lacerations. Fortunately he will make a full recovery.

In this weeks share:

Summer Squash

Zannah, On behalf of the farm crew

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