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Monday, July 6, 2015

Holiday Farm

This past Saturday, on the fourth of July, when grills were firing up and families were gathering and swimmers were swimming, we started the day harvesting.  My incredible farm crew and I pulled bins down rows of squash and enjoyed a quiet(er) weekend.   We seeded fall crops in the greenhouse and watched as our holiday visitors found the last of the peas and strawberries in the fields.  

After lunch, I sat up in the barn for the afternoon, a shift I often don’t take at the farm.  The crew had dispersed for some afternoon relaxing and I took up with my favorite fourth of july pastime; hanging out at the distro.  The music coming from a stream of ‘mountain stage’ performances set the tone.  I bundled rubber bands like Paul used to do.  I conversed with visitors for longer than a busy Saturday usually allows.  I learned about elderberries from Peter and saw some of my favorite tiny humans.  At the end of the day, I packed up the cooler slowly and deliberately.  I swept the floor and realized I was still wearing rain pants.  

Later that night, as the sun was fading, a group of friends and farmers headed into the Powisset fields, stepping away from the cozy campfire for a moment.  We walked together, a posse of farm tour junkies, taking in each row, straining our eyes to take in the details of the crops, the weeds, the tomatoes growing along the 400 foot rows.  The more we walked and the talked the more excited we became, brainstorming about this cover crop and that variety of squash, encouraging each other to keep inventing and keep going.  I felt proud and lucky to have been started my day with a harvest in the morning dew and end it with a tour as the grass grew wet again.  Thank you, Powisset , for an awesome holiday on the farm.

See you in the fileds!
Meryl, On behalf of the Powisset Crew

What’s in the share this week:
In the barn: lettuce, chard or kale, beets, carrots, fennel, kohlrabi, squash, cabbage, scallions, choice of greens
In the fields: fava beans, dill, parsley, kale or chard

Eggs! Why are there never any eggs!

Dear members, 

yes! we wish we had more eggs too!

At Powisset, we have 81 lovely hens, laying a total of about 65 eggs a day!  That may sound awesome, and it is, but it definitely isn't enough to keep up with your needs!  We have reached out to other local egg producers, but haven't been able to track down an organic, local supplier...yet! We're working on it! And we're thinking of expanding our flock a little, if we can swing it!  There is actually a nationwide egg you are not alone in the your quest for eggs!  If you can't get them here, please check Volante Farms in Needham, or the Natick Community Organic Farm, in Natick!  Thanks for loving our eggs!

powisset farmers

In the Farm Stand
The pies were a huge hit last week! If you missed out don't worry....we bought extras. There are frozen, unbaked pies available in the freezer with the ice cream. Grab one then bake at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes. Take it along to your next gathering...we won't tell anyone that you bought it from us. :)

We are awaiting our chicken delivery and hope to have them for sale this week. Ask if they've arrived at your next pick up.

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