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Monday, July 20, 2015

Meet the Summer Crew!

Meet the summer crew! 

Our four-woman unit joined the Powisset team at the end of May and will support the full-timers during the height of the growing season, through mid-August. Some of us have been courting Powisset for a while now–– returning each summer as beloved farm apprentices move on to new adventures and others–– no less good-looking or handy with a hoe–– arrive. On the other hand, some of us are getting a taste of the farm life–– here or anywhere–– for the first time this season. 

Though we're part-time and could easily just be treated as passing summer labor, we're incredibly lucky to enjoy the egalitarian atmosphere that Meryl and the assistant growers create: one where everyone is welcomed into the farm family, and the summer crew is integrated into the diversity of projects that unfold over the course of the season-–– from seeding in the greenhouse to transplanting young crops, from trellising tomatoes to processing them in the wash station, from hoeing to hand-weeding to harvesting... Each morning brings rain pants and dirt and sweat and song. As Tessa used to say, the worst day at Powisset is the best of days. We love this place.

Prior seasons have involved formal bios from summer crew workers. This time around, in a bout of creativity (or boredom?), we decided to mix things up a bit. We've written haikus and crafted portraits for each other. We were even ambitious enough to attempt a time lapse weeding video! Hope you enjoy.

See you in the fields!
Frannie, Sasha, Erinn, & Andrea of the Powisset Summer Crew
What's in the share this week:
up in the barn: lettuce, celery, scallions or onions, leeks, potatoes, beets or fennel, carrots, herb choice, kale or chard, lettuce mix
out in the fields: peas or favas, dill, sunflowers 

The summer crew, in haiku form:

Frannie Parrish (portrait by Andrea / haiku by Sasha)

dwells in Big Apple 
loves to brunch and study psych
she’s the dairy QWEEN

Sasha Wolfe (portrait by Frannie / haiku by Erinn)

sunscreen not rubbed in,
hula hoe in hand, spreading
laughter all over
Erinn Bineham (portrait by Sasha / haiku by Andrea)
wild-woman Erinn
the song-voiced lover of Sun
speeds through beets and laughs

Andrea Schindler (portrait by Erinn / haiku by Frannie)

Tree enthusiast,
summer crew pro, and warm heart
Who says, "push it, team!"

what a crew!

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