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Monday, September 12, 2016

Powisset Farm CSA: Week 15

Powisset Farm CSA: Week 15

Transplanting lettuce
The Powisset Farm Stand focuses on offering unique local products. We also source items from other local farms to offer crops that we don't grow, or haven't been able to grow this year because of the drought. For example, we have been sourcing sweet corn from Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon as well as several crops from Piccadilly Farm in Winchester New Hampshire. By bringing in these products from other farms and businesses, we are able to diversify our farm stand, offer you interesting products, and support local businesses.

A few products in the farm stand this week:

- Cantaloupe from Piccadilly Farm
- Apples from UMASS Cold Spring Orchard
- Frozen Wild Maine Blueberries sold by the pound
- Fire Cider from Shire City Herbals
- Real French Dressing from Crane Crest

This has been a tough production year at Powisset but through a lot of sweat and a few tears we are on target to reach at least a 100% return on CSA members investment in the farm. In a year that I have witnessed multiple farms skip weeks, cancel their CSAs, and make the heart breaking decision to shut down, this feels like an accomplishment.

I walked the farm today and witnessed summer slipping into fall before my eyes Tomatoes are petering out while pepper and eggplant production has also slowed quite a bit. Our fall and winter crops are looking great. Fall is when greens (like kale, lettuce, and mustards) do their finest work. Many of our direct seeded crops like radishes and mustards that would not germinate in the intense heat and dry conditions are having a resurgence. It will be a few more weeks before they reach their full glory. The carrots have also finally germinated, though they require quite a bit of water to reach their full potential. They are small but they are sweet and full of flavor,

I have had several conversations recently with CSA members and friends about what improvements to the farm will help us "weather" extreme conditions like we've had this year. In a year like this, our water needs have far outstripped the capacity of our well. Much time will be dedicated this fall and winter to increasing our water capacity. This summer I purchased equipment which doubled our overhead watering capacity as well as many extra thousands of feet of drip tape. We will continue to make improvements to the irrigation system so that we are better prepared next season if we another recording breaking drought.

In this weeks share:

Cooking greens
Carrots or beets


***If you have pint and half pint containers taking up space at you house please return them to the farm and we will reuse them. Our stash of grocery bags has also run low. Clean out your cupboard and bring them to Powisset!***

Zannah, on behalf of the farm crew

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