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Monday, September 19, 2016

Powisset Farm CSA: Week 16

Moon rise
Rain!!! It's raining right now. Sweet, steady moisture falling from the sky. How I have missed it.

The season continues to march steadily into fall. The peppers and eggplant have slowed considerably and the tomatoes are wrapping production for the year. Soon enough it will still be inky black at 7am and the fields will be coated with frost.

This past week we have been helping the farm into this fall transition. We have been chipping away at turning retired fields into the soil so that we can get cover crop seeded to take full advantage of this luscious rain. We seed a mix of oats and peas or rye and vetch in order to add organic matter and nitrogen to our soils. Cover crops also help to hold soils in place over the winter, preventing erosion from wind, rain, and snow melt. They also provide necessary habitat for beneficial (and not so beneficial) soil flora and fauna. Healthy soil is critical for us to be able to grow our crops and cover crops are an essential tool we have to help keep the soil in good health.


As we are progress into fall it is time to start offering winter shares. This years share will include potatoes, winter squash, onions, scallions, kale, broccoli, lettuce, radicchio, spinach, radishes, garlic, mustard greens, cabbage, collards, carrots, beets, etc.

storage radishes
We have reduced the cost of the winter share this year to $200. The share will be smaller than last years share. This is a change that I planned before the drought as it seemed that some folks were overwhelmed by the amount of vegetables they received last year. I am hoping the smaller size and reduction in price will make the winter share feel more accessible to you.

Sign-ups for the share are being done the old fashioned way for the winter share. Sign-ups will not be offered online. If you would like to secure your share please bring cash or a check to the farm stand during regular distribution hours. Unfortunately, we are unable to process credit card or debit payments for winter shares. A deposit of $100 is needed to secure your spot. Full payment is due by the first pick up.

There will be 4 winter share distributions:

Pick up #1: November 4th + 5th
Pick up #2: November 18th +19
Pick up #3: December 2nd+3rd
Pick up #4: December 16th +17th
Like with summer share pick ups you may choose which day in the pick up block you would like to get your share. Also like the summer share, all pick ups are done market style (you get to pick out  your own vegetables) on the farm.

The farm stand will also be open during winter share distribution hours.

- kale
- tomatoes
- potatoes
- cooking  greens (mustards, collards, etc)
- apples
- radishes
- beets
- winter squash
- a choice of summer squash, peppers, or eggplant

- Last week there were not enough raspberries to offer them for picking on Saturday. If you were able to get your half pint last week please refrain from picking so that Saturday CSA members can get their share.
- hot peppers
- sunflowers

Zannah, on behalf of the farm crew


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