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Monday, June 13, 2016

Powisset CSA Week 2!

Last week the gears shifted on the farm and we added harvest to the long list of to do's for the week. We have planned, ordered seeds, seeded in the greenhouse, transplanted, and weeded. All in preparation for the start of the CSA. It's been like the first day of school and finals all wrapped up into one experience. The apprentices and field crew have stepped up their game and have embraced this new chore that I have added to the list of endless tasks. In speaking to one of the apprentices recently she mentioned how much she likes that every day is different on the farm. There are so many variables in farming, it is incredibly dynamic and constantly changing. We are thinking about so much more than precipitation and temperature (though these are very important). Wind speed. growing degree days, soil moisture, weed pressure, pest pressure, time management, labor management, the list goes on and on. There is always more to do on the farm. For everything that goes according to plan there is a challenge. A staff member may have jury duty, a crop may not seed well, the Canada Geese may have eaten half the lettuce crop. But last week I was yet again reminded of why I do this. We filled up the barn with delicious and healthy vegetables, grown with our own hands, and we got to share it with you. We will do this for nineteen more weeks. Just like in the rest of farming every week will be different. We do our best to estimate what will be in the share each week. An item may be listed on the blog as in the share but due to powers beyond our control items may change through the week.

This weeks share will most likely be composed of a combination of:
- lettuce
- broccoli
- garlic scapes
- bok choi or napa cabbage
- spinach
- scallions or green garlic

- 1 pint strawberries

 In the store this week you will find:
- cheese and milk from the happy Jersey cows at Appelton Farm
- pork products from our pigs
- tea towels from Lucy Two Shoes
- our own produce
- maple syrup
- honey and jams from Peter's farm
- Welsh Cakes
- and much more

Our guest artist on Saturday is Lisa Walker. Lisa is a phenomenal ceramic artist and will have her work for sale at the stand this Saturday. Check out her work at

I have had a few folks inquire about the health of our farm cat James. James and his brother Simba are our unofficial greeters at the farm. James suffered a catastrophic injury in March and has been healing with some friends off the farm in Easton for the passed few months. James and Simba are cared for by several staff members on the farm. Their care is not funded by The Trustees. I have set up a fund to try and offset some of the costs of James's surgery and recovery. If you would like more information please visit:

Zannah, on behalf of the farm staff

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