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Monday, June 20, 2016

Powisset CSA: Week 3

I have a request for all CSA members and blog fans. Please go outside at some point today and send thoughts of rain out into the universe. Maybe do a little dance. It is dry, it's been dry, and it is supposed to continue being dry. We need a few days of good soaking rain. The fields are dusty, the crops are dusty and the crew is more dusty than usual. We do have irrigation on the farm. It is somewhat limited but it does allow us to water a few beds of crops at a time. Andrew, Annie, and Rachel have spent many hours recently moving the irrigation from field to field. Set up, water, breakdown, repeat.

When we are not moving around irrigation we have been transplanting winter squash! And setting up drip irrigation for it. We have two types of irrigation on the farm; drip and overhead. Their names are pretty good descriptors for how they work. Drip irrigation is a hose with tiny holes in it which lies on the ground and delivers water to the base of the plant. Drip irrigation is efficient in it's water usage but it is slow in it's delivery. When we set up drip irrigation we tend to put it down for crops that are in the field for a long time like tomatoes, peppers, and squash. Once drip lines are set up they stay put for the duration of the life of the crop. Overhead irrigation can be moved from crop to crop and works like a sprinkler does to disperse water across an area. In comparison overhead is faster than drip but we loose more water to evaporation and end up watering weeds as well. Both drip and overhead irrigation are great tools however they are no substitute for rain. So step out side and do a little dance for your lettuce, tomatoes, and radishes.

In the share this week you will find:

Garlic scapes
Chard or Kale
Radishes or salad turnips

The farm stand will again be stocked with cheese and milk from Appleton Farm. Honey and Jam from Peter's Farm. Maple Syrup made from Natick Community Farm from trees on Pegan Hill. Eggs from our chickens. Pork from our pigs. And of course produce from our fields.

Come to our "Meet the Farmer" event this Saturday. Assistant CSA Manger Andrew will be on hand for farm tours and to answer all your farmy questions.

Zannah, on behalf of the farm crew

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